Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Devil Is Opposed To It / What? The Breakthrough PT.3

The devil is opposed, I had to keep telling you and myself!! So here's another one, I'll keep flowing like the Ohio River...

....up In Louisville; a brotha knew the deal!!  the breakthrough? face the bad breaks and obstacles!! evil will get with ya..

*Way too real*   I was *all up in the spot* like  Joaquin "El Chapo" (Shorty) Guzman but I dipped just like him!! trying to be a new man!! but the arch nemesis was back on the premises telling a   brotha he's still on the payroll!!  so now I'm cashing Reality Checks..

The way to feel? social engineering is used!!  like the Iran Nuclear Deal these jokers will make empty promises; souls?  the devil collects...

The way to deal?  O-Dog will go ballistic!! the bass and 808's were like nuclear bombs!! he plugs in the Yamaha keyboards and the Roland drum machine..

The way to deal? some take pulls off of drug laced blunts or crack pipes!! soon going into a lean..

The way to ill?  smoke in the air like pollution in China?  so where did you find this brotha? I was doing the math, wondering if global warming was fueling it?

Al Gore told you about it!!  meanwhile a devil will tell you they're Bout It Bout It like Master P, so some aren't checking for me!! I'm not the type of cat some are fooling with...

The devil is opposed!! please!! don't doubt it!! his advocates will say it's all love,  then beat you up in the next episode...

Next level beats are composed to go along with this good word!! fuel for the public transportation / transformation? peep the next episode..

Next level dramatics by a devil who's opposed will go down!! oh!! there'll be opposition to the breakthrough!!

Mathematics are dropped after this mothership lands on earth;  I was out there by Pluto like New Horizons but moves made by these earthlings aren't surprising; devil's advocates will fake you!!

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