Thursday, February 13, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Four)

Your dude is out here peeping game; I can see what they're saying!!  I told you earlier I was reading the teleprompter

The attitude?  it's a Thankful Thursday even though my constituents are still hungry and thirsty; I can see what they're saying so I'm  feeding them, told them I'll be prompt for ya! 

Any comps for ya?  Throwback Thursday has me reflecting and contemplating past episodes like the Bloomberg stop and frisk. 

Any comps for ya?  Throwback Thursday sounds are dropped along with this good word as we multitask.

We can see what they're saying so we're raiding the enemy's comfort zones with this sonic assault ; check the bass treble and tone. 

We can see what they're saying!! soon there's no comfort for these clones residing in the danger zone.

Broadcasting live from a remote outpost, we're still chilling in secret gardens like the Quincy Jones song; featuring Barry White and El Debarge and them.

...with Al B Sure and James Ingram; O-Zone? he had the spoken word he wasn't singing!!  who's drama bringing like Trump and Barr with their power grab? they're just barging in!

Others found a cure like Ashford and Simpson said they were like Jay Z big pimping; large and in charge was supposedly big homies status down here in Atlanta; stated that his game was good!

Now news anchors are barging in on regular scheduled programming; others are apologizing like Snoop Dogg vs Gayle King; it's all game in the hood..

I can see what they're saying like I said earlier its all game!! that's what  I told homie who asked me whats good!! told him its like this and like that!

Gil Scott Heron said the revolution would not be televised...but I told dude the revolution is ongoing; we continue to fight that!

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