Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reading The TelePrompter PT.3

It's going down;  I'm reading the Teleprompter like its the news at six. 

It's going down;  we've got complimentary tickets for you!!  check out these views!!  breakbeat science is what a brotha kicks.

Things were tricky like ISIS in Tikrit but O-Dizzle will fix it in the mix while O-Zone reads the signs on the information highway. 

What's the Dizzle?  it's like the I-20 Chronicles as we respond to these and those;  no information overload as I do it my way. 

 How was I trying to play?  not a drug overlord caught up in the Mexican drug wars!!   I didn't want to lay in that bedding. 

Some will get what's coming to them;  I spotted the skin and hair they're shedding. 

We're funky drumming for them as these Armageddon war drums play;  who's fair up in this thing? love or war? no deals were made per Iran nuclear talks but a brotha never balks!!  this veteran in the game is now coaching per Armageddon approaching;  while reading the Teleprompter I see some are scared up in this thing! 

After reading the TelePrompTer ? we share this thing!! I told you earlier  just call it breakbeat science. 

After reading the TelePrompTer?  we were truth or dared up in this thing!!  the pressure would break some people's mind. 

Prompt for ya; Right On Time like Brothers Johnson!! these brothas are the kind to respond to them!!

Check out these editorials per living in hostile territories; we're trying to heal the scars like in Nigeria but we're hip to the mass hysteria, we're wise to the set up, we're on to them!!

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