Saturday, April 25, 2015

Public Transportation / Tranformation PT.8 (So It's Like This Huh?)

Oh so it's like this?  damn!! I guess due to the public transportation / transformation it all comes together at the end of the day. 

Damn!! some tried to transport themselves to the next level but they couldn't move!! did the salt, sugar and saturated fats get them? was it due to profits by corporations?   oh!!  so it's like this?  I see how they're trying to play! 

So what's up? we were told to keep calm and carry on!!  even participants on the short bus field or day trip were trying not to flip.

Carry ons were searched by TSA types during the public transportation; participants in the sport found out it's complex per Cornel West vs Michael Eric Dyson status quo statements!! some  residents weren't trying to dip! 

Mike Tyson and Terry Crews types quote or lip sync;  meanwhile I was outside the box and  it seemed I couldn't link!!

Check out the public transformation / transportation as some are trying a little tenderness;  like McDonalds biting off of Otis Redding in the commercial?  you'll get your feelings hurt bro!! history is repeating as I keep bumping heads with these crews!!  I couldn't even get back in sync. 

In the lab?  I tinker with the beats and the good word!! some are saying oh it's like this? oh yes!  this is what it's come down to.

The ongoing legal smash and grab perpetrated by so called authorities on Walter Scott in Charleston and Freddie Gray in Baltimore has got me asking; oh it's like this? so now we bring the drum through. 

This is what it do; check out how we work it during this public transportation / transformation!! funk is stashed like Freddie's Dead playing in the background per Curtis Mayfield!! when we play the field?  there's spiritual significance in this operation!!

Ignoring the sideways glances from naysayers that failed as wannabe players;  we didn't abort our operation.  

Check out the sideways circumstances when playing the sport in this Babylon nation; will some get swept like the Dallas Mavericks by the Houston Rockets? 

Riding these highways or taking chances on the public transportation / transformation? please!! we're intergalactic trying to blast off like rockets!! 

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