Friday, April 17, 2015

Public Transportation / Transformation PT. 7

Still *Ridng The Bus*  gas prices go up and down per Clark Howard mentioning price gouging!! they  had me seeking alternative transportation..

No Justice No Peace;  the vehicle is in park but like Walter Scott in North Charleston a coward will blast on us!! the apparatus works on delaying my transformation...

*Thrown Under The Bus*  check the public transportation / transformation; I dipped like Kanye West in LAX with North; I was trying to break north rolling with other  escapies...

I was out west rolling up I-35 from Dallas but I  spotted storm chasers riding towards tornadoes!!  joint casers? they're intrigued!  they'll try to tape these..

I'm  blessed, I didn't shuck and jive!!  but jokers got foul with us!! it had us fatigued!! reminded of my taxi driving days up in Louisville when resting at the Motel Six..

Lights were kept on, but it was a drug zone; big homie asked me did I need a fix?

He was waiting in the dark; Whatcha on?  he asked,  he's got sticks of weed or sacks of it; plus heroin and crack.

...Plus somebody else tired to holla at me!!  said  there's a meth lab in  Room 206 in the back..

Check out the Public Transportation / Transformation; Is this the Hotel California like the Eagles?  checking in / can't leave / can't go back?

Is this Hotel Rwanda; Don Cheadle; How will they respond to a bro? I see it's peace that some lack...

Living In America by James Brown plays in the background; please!! who's fair with ya?  they've got us all  Way Way Out There...

What it do? What it does? check out the Public Transportation / Transformation;  the American Dream can turn into a nightmare..

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