Sunday, April 26, 2015

Public Transportation / Transformation PT.9 (Oh So It's Like That Huh? )

Checked the clock;  I didn't holla at Flavor Flav!!  I knew it was the end of the day. 

Spotted 1:11 and 11:11 a lot, somebody said it was a doorway between realms;  check the public transportation / transformation; now who's  enslaved by the way the system played? 

This one prayed;  it was big help!!  the Lord helms the ship!! other episodes told me what it's gonna be;  the cliche? *it is what it is*

The game is still played; now earthquakes go down in Nepal with climbers trapped on Mt. Everest!!  episodes showed me *oh it's like this*

During the public transportation / transformation? we fight this and that battle or even war against these fakes; supposedly balling like Mark Aquirre at Depaul but a joker was taking classes at Everest so they need to have a seat and rest!! soon we wonder;  what's it all worth? 

Elaborate fantasies were built y'all!! shadetree mechanics rock hardhats plus lime green safety vests;   then we wonder will it all work? 

Will it all hurt?  per Freddie Gray in Baltimore to Walter Scott in North Charleston  the aches / pains / injustices just take a toll.

Check out these I-20 Chronicles;  changed them up when I turned right on I-26 towards Charleston while Carolina Cruising; when dipping through different jurisdictions?  I'll park the hooptie if they take a toll. 

The system will fake a soul into thinking they're living righteous but that's where the fight was!  

Oh so it's like this? that is the question answering itself !! who's finding out what it do / what it does?

Check the public transportation / transformation like the Devil vs Creflo Dollar concerning the jet he needed..

 Check the public transportation / transformation as next level business gets handled; we *holla atcha* with these breakbeat scientific principles that are needed! 

Check The Public Transportation / Transformation; We're On Our Way Per This Next Level Mix by O-Dog; Let's Go!!

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