Friday, April 3, 2015

Discussions / Percussions / Repercussions

It's going down!! The funky track hooked up? oh yes!! now O-Zone will say this and that; check out the discussions..

Did the knowledge while floating through the cosmos; based on discussions with extra terrestrials O-Dog will hook up the funky percussions...

Karmic repercussions for those throwing negativity Out There;  the situation was out of control per ear shattering gunshots that exploded!! but like a Grateful Deadhead O-Dog stayed devoted; the funk is dropped...

*All Up In The House*  I repelled the Walking Dead  with jazz, rock, house, O-Dog even hip-hopped..

O-Dog Cosmic Slopped like Parliament-Funkadelic; retro-futuristic when we kick it..

Staying on point when the mothership dropped back down to earth / playing my position; corporations are *Shady Like Grady*  when they kick it..

Can I kick it unlike shady Iran Nuclear Deals? a bruh chills but  Can I Get Down like Craig Mack? baby girl said yes, yes I can...

Droppin Knowledge; O-Zone?  considered a Hot Mess just call me the Hot Messenger; maybe somebody will understand..

What's up man? danger zones are not just in Iraq or Kenya; from Ferguson to NYC things have tightened up like Archie Bell!!

O-M-A-N-X-L-1?  the original man; AKA Brother O; all up in this art, with a story to tell..

Not about fame and glory; a lot fell for that; what was it all worth?

I didn't like the way so called *powers that be*  played my people in the Atlanta school cheating scandal by throwing cuffs on them; some that consider themselves running things will get what's coming to them per karmic repercussions, word from the salt of the earth...

It's A Dark Mysterious World; please!!  it's easy to take a fall on this earth; *Knockout Message*  delivered to you like Kimbo Slice got it...

Calculating The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space? please!! sometimes there's nothing nice about it!!

Can't be nice about it!!  haters take it as a sign of weakness; knowledge is dropped in these discussions!!

O-Zone?  this brotha Visualized The Sequence; now O-Dog strikes back with the percussions!!

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