Saturday, April 4, 2015

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT.7 (I'm Trying To Get My Groove On)

Check the old school catch phrase / cliche;  I'm trying to get my groove on. 

The drama went down;  so who was really down?  I was pulling for Duke in the Final Four until they found a noose on campus; that's where they lost me,  I guess I'll have move on. 

Many things to prove on this mystic voyage;  even when lights blink on the instrument panel. 

*I'm All up in the mothership*  as a Brotha gets scientific like today's Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse!!  ignoring the ways and means committee and the blue ribbon panel. 

Who'll understand a bruh?  not one acting brand new as he dips but these Quick Draw McGraw types get caught up in traffic like I-285 in Atlanta. 

McGruff the Crime Dog interventions stretch across many dimensions; it's going down from Pluto to Mars; from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg, from  Ferguson to NYC;  understand a bruh? 

It might hit you later;  O-Dog / O-Zone are getting down like this!! this is how we're working thing!! these intergalactic /  multi-dimensional brothas move on. 

What it do / what it does?  at the end of the day?  we're trying to get our groove on. 

What it do / what it does? at the end of the day? we'll prove on and on again that we can put it down!!

Catch phrases / cliches become fact not fiction; outlooks positive or bleak per this Holy Week? it's going down!! 

I catch Aries sun rays as I play this breakbeat scientific role to the upmost!!

Who fair with these in love or war? the fake? I delete from the database as I move on, just trying to get my groove on!! per the conglomerate? the funk I drop, plus this good word I'll post!!

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