Saturday, April 11, 2015

Public Transportation / Transformation PT.3

Calculating The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space while we take this Bus Ride..

Rebuking a dark history; crime was tasted,  part of the episodes as we go into defense modes using the funk; due to infernos memories of disco strobe lights come to mind; how did you ride?

Doing the crime? easy to catch a case; or they'll take you out like Walter Scott in North Charleston!!  what did you learn bro? you should know how authorities ride..

While taking public transportation during this transformation a brotha will stay one step ahead; through the portal I'll slide..

We transcend and transform as Obama and Castro confide in each other; as we began a new era...

O-Dog just came from the lab; the drama? we blast the sound in response!! rebuking the reign of terror!!

The smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors is rebuked!! it reminded me of working  in smoky, grimy automotive plants; I still have the blue collar worth ethic....

What was the motive? it's easy to get thrown *Under The Bus*  *No Justice No Peace*  a brotha is disrespected.. 

What's up Gus? please!! during I-20 Chronicle business I rode past the Five Points MARTA Station in Atlanta.

What's up with us? due to the public transportation / transformation jokers were down there humming and bumming; I thought the land of milk and honey was supposed to be Atlanta?  

What's up with us?  due to the public transportation / transformation some won't understand a bruh!! even like the GOP vs Rand Paul it can be an inside job..

During the ongoing crisis? we fight back swinging the Sonic Blackjack, plus sonic grenades we lob!!


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