Sunday, April 5, 2015

Reaching Comatose / About To Blackout

They were *Reaching Comatose* / about to blackout per waiting in the dark,  but I wasn't mad at them; they were at the station..

They chose to get on the bus; *Get Thrown Under It*  like Israel in the Iran Nuclear Deal? who studied the anatomy of confusion and frustration? 

....Facing eradication like ISIS in Tikrit?  for the wrestling match?  no need for a  ticket!! on this Easter Sunday some are filing for spiritual bankruptcy...

Radical in this situation? oh yes!!  fighting back with fresh batchs of the Sonic Assault!!  that's what's up with me..

Some are *Confused About Things*  and even tried to corrupt me; even though I admit my hands are dirty...

Playing in the dirt again like Pike Nurseries but who will work with these?  the whole game is dirty..

Shady Like Grady?  yeah baby like Austin Powers!!  O-Zone? during these last hours I've only got my alter ego O-D-O-G to work with me...

Plus G-O-D is with me; please; how else could I have survived the situations I've been in?

"Can't Trust To Luck" like old girl said back in the day; please!! per Ferguson type shenanigans brothas are  facing eradiction..

...Said earlier; Radical In These Situations!!  the brotha O-Dog is Armed and Dangerous..

Hazardous Material dropped when beats get hijacked like trucks in Afghanistan;? check the Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position; not in The Mode Of Least Resistance...

Left the Debatable Circumstance; being built or torn down? others were *Reaching Comatose*  

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