Thursday, February 27, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Eight)

We're putting it down on this Thankful Thursday or Throwback Thursday; both principles will be utilized..

It's a blessing to be here, thanking the Lord as we go back to the future or to the present enjoying this present;  thanks are super sized!! fast food deals even as a fast fool chills counting the spoils from shady deals; then telling us to relax, stay calm during this coronavirus pandemic...

It's not all good in the hood plus jokers aren't all hood, just suburbanites; I can see what they're saying by the way they're playing, "it ain't right" ; per these breakbeat scientific studies it's all academic..

Who'll come right with that? I can see what they're saying by the way they're playing!! they operate like Pirates Of The Caribbean, or even porch pirates; who's blaming it on chemicals that didn't balance?

Like my morning cup of coffee? potions and elixirs are drunk; did they enlighten this or that one?  others still show malice! shootings up in Milwaukee at Molson Coors; O-Dizzle can see what they're saying so he found cures per Ashford and Simpson,  he'll catch up on his pimping even though reality will spank that ass like an old school grandmother would!

Holla at me but don't drug test me as I put up scores like Bradley Beal, y'all should see what I'm saying /  know the deal!! per Thankful Thursday?  might even thank me for this breakbeat science; some didn't even know a brotha could!

Whats good? whats hood? its going down from Louisville /Newburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg.

.......from Atlanta to Johannesburg from Pluto to Mars!! now chilling down in Georgia!!  just rode through Chamblee / Doraville /  Clarkston; even though I spotted the old and new school Toyotas and Hondas  its rough on an immigrant that didn't merge!

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific, some can see what I'm saying!! motherships were making intergalactic journeys!! out there  Space Dancing like the mix by DJ Spivey!! now back down to earth O-Dog Day Partying!!  all the way live is how it'll be /  once again it's on!!

....parking the the mothership back down on earth after studying the dark mystery of time and space!! I can see what they're saying / seeing that its rough down here on earth! Mr Cole said it's a dog eat dog / rat race!!  we're trying to to urge these earthlings  to keep on keeping on!  success?  that's what were creeping up on!

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