Monday, January 13, 2020

As We Proceed and Continue!! (Part Nine)

It's going down on this rainy Monday Morning in Atlanta; didn't quit / stop, we'll proceed and continue!!  somebody will understand a brotha!!

This knowledge dropped is good for any day; utilizing a Fresh View / Fresh Vision in every way / every day; somebody will understand a brotha!!

Your dude hip hopped back in the day, actually? still  today!! funky fresh in the flesh was the old school hip hop slogan..

....along with As We Proceed and Continue!!  check the menu for the meal this is the Real Deal Holyfield, another old school hip hop slogan!!

As We Proceed and Continue, questions are asked per Music Monday; like the Lords Of The Underground who's  the chief rocka / chief rocker? I see O-Dizzle jams like Teddy Riley: Aaron Hall and Guy and them!

As We Proceed and Continue, questions are asked; who's the hustle or belief knocker? acting like those that criticize Lamar Jackson when we're up in the action; getting foul with me; trying to say I'm rolling like Trump concerning Iran,  I lie to them!

As We Proceed and Continue  everybody from hall monitors to gatekeepers to Hunger Games Peacekeepers jock us!! questioning us like Matt Rhule concerning  Cam Newton; not acting brand new with them!! we can be in the old or new schools!

As We Proceed and Continue, we're asking,  who started the ruckus? fronting like Newt Gingrich back in the day to Mitch McConnell with the Trump impeachment cover up today; it can be old or new fools!

As We Proceed and Continue? Old or new rules are ignored, we'll reach for it throwing TD passes like Patrick Mahomes, so what's up Holmes? like Bill O'Brien coaching the Houston Texans was erroneous information dispersed? 

 As We Proceed and Continue old or new tools are deployed to the work site!! will we blessed or cursed?

Roles are reversed!!!  360 degrees comes into play, old and new school attendants learn that what goes around comes around!

In the midst of the chaos and confusion? we proceed and continue, we're trying to achieve!! the bruh  O-Dizzle throws down!!

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