Wednesday, February 20, 2013

At The End Of The Day? Were Just Trying To Maintain

The ship is out to sea.. floating like the Carnival Triumph? ..the waters are treacherous; were just trying to maintain! 

Underwater? there's no where to run or hide... check the sea full of sharks and dramas above land; Chinese hackers attack the mainframe! 

Underwater like mortgages..different time frames? some are winning..some are losing! 

Another was told to abort that or this! the system plays mind games ....different poisons some are choosing! 

Check the Mission it a Ghost Protocol?...some look like a pro to y'all...they're choosing to take the assignment...apparently the job market isn't that bad..different positions are available!

 Some are cruising through the galaxy like there's nothing to it; but things are unpredictable! 

Some are finding conditions despicable / harsh; in the background I hear New Edition; can you stand the rain? 

More like chilling in Sudan..can you stand the reign of terror? as I go there..just trying to maintain! 

The horror or terror are similar to my deeply held personal philosophies! 

As we go there...just trying to maintain; sometimes purging..check out my clearance rack epiphanies!

As we go there..finding out what the deal is with these and those..I see some flexing like Iran...cyber war is the next big thing...

As we go there..usually minding and tending...whats up man? just trying to maintain...but they pulled me back into the game..wishing it was a simple thing.... 


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