Thursday, February 7, 2013


Rolling through the intersection; or out on the interstate.. like out on I-16 west of Savannah;  next thing you know vehicles collided!

 Or the quarterback drops back to pass;  just looking one way;  so whats up?  he gets sacked by Baltimore Ravens..Ed Reed or Ray Lewis;  blindsided! 

True indeed!! some act clueless;  blind to the fact..but some confided with the enemy! 

True indeed!! some will get whats coming to them.....act like you knew this!!  we're bumping heads with the evil entity! 

Acting brand new?  the apparatus supplied some with status!! now like Christopher J. Dorner...out in LA...they'll go off the reservation! 

Acting brand new when they holla at this? please!!  I painted myself in a corner... then somebody said something about going green and conservation! 

Observing the scene;  checked out the sideways I overheard the conversation! 

Some are back on the scene!! but up  in secret hideaways one dances with the devil;  as he makes it reign!! unlike LRLL 54361 Hubble telescopes needed for the observation! 

Were discrete with it when we ride;  the deal can go sideways!! a world of trouble per Lou Rawls?  its easy to get blindsided!

 Reality will slap you with the blackjack;  but we had a sonic one the elixir or tonic for onefreedom?  we ride for it!

Some lied for it; was it like John Brennan at CIA confirmation hearings? 

Some cried for it;  like peace in the Middle East...but they get facing loathing and fearing...

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