Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life Is Hectic / Total Chaos / The Concept Combo

Its like the family reunion around the Fourth of July; concepts are revisited! 

Life is Hectic....check the Total the LA Lakers without Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard;  whose a coward? Demon Deacons serve the communion as they come forth!!  now the drama is revisited! 

Dudes weren't from Wake Forest ....but there's a lot of fakes in the forest; check out the anti-Asian frat party at Duke; peep game...getting the gist of it requires work!

Life is Hectic...check the Total Chaos; a combo meal from hells kitchen? check the the confusion and frustration!! its like Damascus...whose on the road like Paul / Saul?  fiery lakes are upon us; these firemen fight the fires..we're putting in work!

Check out those taking a the structure burns down; were there arsonists like in Detroit around Halloween? 

Players were fronting;  faking and flossing!!  but corrupt contracts are null and void due to information overload!!  jokers are obscene! 

Prayers are sent up; life is hectic...but not taking this Total Chaos!!  let the healing process begin! 

Layers are provided for my aura during the smoke and mirrors / ongoing terror and horror;  let the healing process begin!

Players were disrespected; they tried to catch up on their pimping; but it hard out here...

Prayers were sent up; disconnected? cut off by AT&Tor maybe Comcast? meanwhile we blast off..way way out there...

As we go there..wasn't spending any Nights In Tunisia  per Chaka Khan...

Life is hectic..check the Total Chaos like in Tunisia.. once again its on...

Check out The Life Is Hectic Mix...

Check Out The Total Chaos Mix..

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