Thursday, February 21, 2013

In The Meantime and Between Time / Once Again Its On

I was chilling out..laying in the cut; but soon a bruh will be going for mine! 

In the meantime and between time..I'm typing this at high my previous episode...check the mode..please!! like I said.. I'm going for mine!

Observing the scene....its rough out here for the rolling gun battle on the Las Vegas strip...or like Oscar Pistorius....whose ready to flip? I'm looking for a sign...

Dealing with the madness out here!! whose playing around with the corrupt?  I dont play this!!.. just caught up in the in system / matrix; the meantime and between time! 

Dealing with the Total Chaos; a life of crime messed up the young homies down here in Georgia! 

Car jacking and home invading..supposedly mafioso or made men; unlike revolutionaries over in the other Georgia! 

The evolutionary process will startle ya! but some already know; they're hip to the intelligent design! 

Get a clue I tell scary ones!! were not shady like Jesse Jackson Jr;  breakbeat scientific business is what a brotha runs!! in the meantime and between time!

 Obscene with mine?  oh yeah!! accusations were faced by these prime suspects! 

...observing the scene; mine are still suffering!! in the meantime and between time we swing the sonic blackjack at those corrupt with this! 

That's whats up with this!! its going down!! in the meantime and between time!

That's whats up with this!! rolling like Hosea Williams; unbought and unbossed when I'm seen with mine!

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