Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who's Fair With This PT.2

Spiritual warfare is going down..but we cherish the victories like Kool and The Gang talked about Cherish The Love! 

But no "big heads" as we go there..who's fair with that or this?  its like under the basket in an NBA game; jokers push and shove! 

Some will get whats coming to them...the glove didn't fit but they won't acquit..damn!! others charges are trumped up! 

No love is shown for a fanatic rolling like Donald Trump..there time is up! 

Doing the mathematics...playing spades / holding trump cards! but some are still getting beat! 

Erratic with this!! looking at the man in the mirror per Michael Jackson;  like Miami I was already feeling the Heat!

But not tripping like Lil Wayne...whats the deal? while some are acting ill....I'm just trying to maintain; but alt / shift / delete was the devil's webmaster's plan; any help from the IT Department? 

Y'all out in the streets with me? I see ya!! but some are out of their jurisdiction or department! 

Victories and defeats were calculated by ESPN and Fox Sports..no Pulp Fiction; whose heart is in it? who's fair with this?

 Getting slick with it sick with it!! some even truth or dare with this!

Whose fair with this? that's like expecting Obama and Republicans coming to an agreement on budget cuts.. 

Whose fair with this? please...check the drama per Oscar Pistorius and Adam Lanza..who'll understand a bruh? please!! I see them trying to get corrupt with us...

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