Saturday, February 16, 2013

They Didn't Let It Go / They're Still Going Through It

Whats the deal? I see some didn't want to let it go..maybe they can't let it North Korea flexing...I see some are still going through it.

Astrologers blame it on the Uranus / Pluto Square in affect until 2015;  so I act like I knew it! 

As we go to it; check the 12th House we go to a private place; going private like Dell!!  no IPO's like Facebook! 

As we go through it;  reflecting on past episodes as a crime lieutenant..not a Sargent or private; can't lie about it... some were face to face with a crook! 

O-Dizzle has the bass, hook lines, and his own beats; check out the Street Funk... its used as a weapon while were going through it!

That's the dizzle!!  for real though!! plus we did the knowledge; no Vatican conclaves needed;  checked the Da Vinci  Code; secrets were were acting like we knew it! 

Discrete with it;  but not too slick like horse meat scandals in Europe; some people are full of Drake kicked out of a club where Chris Brown and Rihanna were...gossip, lies, and innuendo is the fuel for a fool! 

 ...some said they had the word on the curb!! the Heat like Lebron on fire!!  but I'm ready to take them back to school!

...Teaching them a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack; class is in session!

Reality already hit them with one!!  showing aggression!

 Now they're going through it!!  again claiming there's no justice
or peace!

 But happiness is just around the bend per the Main Ingredient; whose impeding it?  peace is found inside as we slide..down the road we ease!

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