Monday, February 18, 2013

I Told Them..I'll See You When I See You PT.2

Told you earlier about listening to Steve Arrington..he said nobody can be you but you! 

In love or war..whose fair with them? the procedures..check out what we go through! 

Check out the uphill struggle...that's whats up with a we try to keep it moving; we had to sacrifice! 

Check out the power struggle..from the Mideast to out in these streets...the homies told me they'll see me when they see me!! they said it ain't nothing nice! 

Listening to Donald Byrd Think Twice; ....R.I.P....I'm just trying to interpret the signals! 

Whats the word on the curb?  frick and frack tried to swerve ...reminded me of Romney / Ryan....switching lanes without signals!

Whats the word on the curb? some flip like Oscar the thought and fashion police will issue indictments! 

Whats the word on the curb? the bass thumps like Jaco Pastorius; ...Sonic Assaults blast in response to the ongoing madness;  some will get whats coming to them..check the enlightenment!

Check the excitement when the train wrecks!! society disrespects.. but the train of thought is still rolling!

Check the excitement!! the crowd gathers due to police brutality!! dude was swinging the blackjack but unlike the Sonic Assault; please!!  we put the soul in!

My Soul is on Ice per Eldridge Cleaver; cool like that!! all up in the spot with the crooks!! I guess its guilt by association! 

No Ward and June Cleaver type of scenarios;  sideways glances and looks revealed the vibe is otherwise!! so whatcha sayin?

 Per EPMD;  whats the deally?  the outcome was already determined by deals in back rooms!

Club members benefit!!  dude wasn't just the president but also a client!!  but O-Dizzle remained the track will boom! 

Now some are back in the temple of doom!! but I kept it moving..I told them I'll see them when I see them! 

I told them the Sonic Revolution is going down..I'm just trying to free them..

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