Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Last Stand

Its going down!!  making the last big run or push..but is it Custer's Last Stand?

 Napoleon's Waterloo? maybe 41 shots like Amadou....what it do? I heard the engine rattling under the hood...the last time the mothership will land?

 Whatcha knowing man?  too much like Christopher Dorner?  shots from burners smoke you out like in Big Bear!

 Whatcha throwing man?  knuckleballs like Phil Niekro on the outside corner of the plate?  batters say it ain't fair! 

Whats going on per Marvin Gaye?  Negro please!!  from the block or corner to Wall Street to the Las Vegas Strip nothing was fair in love or war! 

Whats really going on?  per my blog..through the Babylon wilderness we jog; in Air Maxes we jump over the bar!

Caught up in danger zones!! similar to the West Bank..we're  not out of these woods yet..we've come far..but still have a long way to go!

 Caught up!! O-Zone is not out of these can catch me in Decatur Georgia...still a firestarter....yet I still have a long way to go! 

Did I choose the wrong path / way to go?  now I have to make the last stand! 

Win or lose?  is this the wrong math? please!! through the universe we cruise!! we weren't the last to understand!

Might land over in North Korea with Dennis Rodman with our own brand of diplomacy...

The Last Stand? is the game over...check the scenario..using a fresh view fresh see what the deal will be... 

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