Saturday, March 2, 2013

Damn!! They're Still Going Through It

They were going through it!! like Hugo Chavez and chemotherapy; they said they kept it moving..but didn't feel up to they're just going through the motions!

Acting like they knew it!!  chilling!!  drinking Juan Valdez...or Fair Trade Coffee from Honduras...or some other potions...

Acting like they knew it...they had notions about the sequester but nothing came to pass... chilling...that's the deal they have!!  

Acting like they knew it; but still going through it...commotions occur  like Ammar Harris in the Range Rover shooting up the Las Vegas strip...once fronting about the deal they have...

Traveling through time..going through it!! ..the game unravels...due to the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space...the machine was set on automatic pilot....but still feeling the emotions! 

Crashing to earth like meteors in Russia...they crash and burn!!...flames..ashes...some need of lotions....

Jokers were talking about the cash they earn...but I wasn't feeling the promotions / the campaign;  but others were geeked up by the rhetoric! 

Devotion by Earth Wind and Fire is playing in the background!!  peeping game!! this is not how I get down!! but I make the best of it! 

Whats the notion? the prophet said fake it until make it..the rest of it will be gravy! 

Whats the notion? Warren Buffett types  said the profit would make you the best ...but then you found out the whole game is shady!

Now going through it;  but we continue to do it fluid like the BlackByrds! 

Now going to it;  the promised land? I don't know man!!  but the vehicle we use?  the brand new funk and good words!

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