Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Damn!! I Still Felt The Pressure

It was like I was playing against Arkansas and the 40 minutes of hell;  I felt the pressure! 

Nolan Richardson coaching; now Mike Anderson is back..saw how Frank Haith went at him....who'll understand that its another test for ya?

Whatcha knowing?  how you living?  Elaborate Fantasies had us the mothership lands us back on earth son!!  the game over screen flashes like X-Box!

Clearance rack epiphanies are the response; letting it go!! whats it all worth?  O-Dizzle was the next to rock!

Hustles? some will knock..letting some go;  Scorpios will cut you off like that! your in the old hole in the wall club!! somebody hollas I've been cut!! wheres the knife at?

The corrupt ask;  where is the strife at? can Pope Francis fix it?  as the saga / struggle continues for the masses! 

The hot message is considered a hot mess!! who can understand this?  check the O-Dizzle conducts classes! 

Sonic aggression is the response!! as this brotha felt the pressure! 

Like Obama vs Republicans we're responding to aggression from the apparatus.. check the status;  they usually aren't checking for a brotha! 

.....unless gamblers are out for a fast buck;  then bad cards are dealt! 

They damned us if we did or didn't;  check this breakbeat science that's dropped;  the response to the pressure that's felt!

Check Out The I Felt The Pressure Mix from O-Dog



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