Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Machete

As we proceed!! your dude is carrying a sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods! 

True indeed!!! were all carrying a cross per Jesus; but whats the deal with this?  some are acting false in these hoods! 

Whats up with this?  as the stock market rises some are saying how "all good" it is!! but we know otherwise! 

Were living this!! plus we face the problems...we did the mathematics..were hip to the wise and otherwise!

 Intergalactic with this..please!! wise to the set up!! it goes down from Pluto to Mars..we even witnessed the rise of the Planet Of The Apes! 

A fanatic was aiding and abetting the rise of the machines;  check out the information overload..printouts with data circled in red;  IT personnel changed the tapes! 

In Louisville / Newburg? dude dips...he escapes!! big homie was chasing him with a pirate's machete! 

....Until we laughed at them!! told them how stupid they looked!!!  talking crazy like Rick Santorum..foul with it!! now  that's the deally! 

Threw this math at them and those!! the Miami Heat with winning streaks...scoring on them..some don't know whats really going on! 

Per my blog..check this Captain Kirk's type log...we took another path on them!! cut some off with the Sword Of Truth!!  I beared witness to the ongoing proof that they were a clone! 

...Plus the Sonic Blackjack slaps them on the head like cops in NYPD blast on a brotha like Kimani Gray! 

.....they also in the ATL; plus out in LA Christopher Dorner could have told you how coping strategies fail a brotha; that's why we carry the machete..

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