Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Wasn't Fooling With Them PT.2

I can see how its going down; I didn't like it!! unlike the GOP and Obama I wasn't breaking bread with them... I'm not fooling with them! 

They tried to play some like clowns!! like they're building SimCity; but those fools will get whats coming to them! 

Clones were running to them;  questions were answered...or were they? 

Drones? some run their mouth about them like Rand Paul...zones?  charlatans were running them!!  but class is in session ..we knew how they would play! 

Zones? some are running through them like Chris Paul...what's up y'all? predators prey on the weak;  that's how they became large and in charge! 

....or at least they think they are;  time will reveal like Debarge! 

The Sarge told others to leave Mamby Pamby Land!!  they were out there with Alice! 

....In Wonderland;  they didn't understand!! as bombs blast around Hagel over in Kabul;  as the world shows malice!

What up fool? that's what a joker asked me...I told them Stevie Wonder Higher Ground was the mission;  but soon the palace was under attack!

 I wasn't fooling with them!! but O-Dizzle is schooling them ...swinging the Sonic Blackjack!

Schooling them!! showing them we have the knack for survival...either they're for us or against us!!

Schooling sending smoke signals from the conclave again...hitting them up like a Baltimore Raven..Ray Lewis told you about weapons formed against us... 

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