Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Heard What Was Said / Jokers Should Shut Up and Play

Please!! I heard what was said!! like North Korea flexing..players need to shut their mouth and just play the game!

Some brag and boast!! check the scenario...said they were / had the next big thing...but soon they say prayers..after getting caught up in the game! 

My aura has protective layers on it!! once stolen..plus the software was hacked! 

Like the Wells Fargo website..now we drop this insight..check the smoke and mirrors connected to the capers;  gamblers out for a fast buck have the cards stacked!

Smoke signals from the conclave indicated Pope Francis is on the scene; whats heard or seen? how far can we go?  I hope no one slacked!

Smoke and fog like East Tennessee make it hard to see..but broken beats and English was our response; they say this con misbehaves ...after some were smacked! 

The Sonic Blackjack was swinging!! now whats the deally?  one who macked started singing love songs! 

Catching up on their pimping was the mission!! soon they're back like Tiger Woods!! but jokers push and shove like under NBA baskets; limelight "baskers" benefit from society's wrongs! 

But Elaborate Fantasies can go wrong...its the timing!! now those usually not checking for me are asking me for answers! 

Who hates on these clearance rack epiphanies?  the devil was looking for dancers! 

Cancers and Capricorns are my people!! everybody else was acting funny!

 Mitsubishi Lancers cut corners...once rolling in Suburbans and Hummers...jokers were still fronting...I heard what was said!! peeps said they're on a come up!! so now whats up? please!! just like Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs; they said its all about the money!

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