Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Told Them....I'll See Them When I See Them PT.3

I mentioned earlier;  I wasn't fooling with them!!  so I'll just see them when I see them! 

Not sweating the agenda; the package was returned to sender;  not a pretender trying to be with them! 

Lenders become borrowers and vice versa; you heard a bruh? plus getting whats coming to them is universal! 

Sonic defenders get nice with a verse and beat!!  but its like the GOP vs Obama...who will work with a bruh? 

Who heard of a bruh? like Cory Booker making moves...but  jokers didn't know half about what the deal was! 

The word on the curb was altered by the street committee; what was it that a crook told you? they filibuster like Rand Paul;  who knows what the real was? 

....reminded me of Fox News;  please!! whats up y'all?  nothing was fair and balanced! 

Reminded me of my views expressed earlier; whose fair with this?  jokers just show malice! 

R.I.P Hugo Chavez...knowing how foul it is;  peeping game while I was sitting on the throne! 

No need to watch it per Kanye and Jay Z!!  as I drop something on the masses; once again its on! 

Class is in session...not sitting on the throne like Pharaoh;  my people?  I'm trying to free them! 

Sitting in the danger zone like it was North Korea..I see how some play... I know how it go;  I'll see some when I see them! 

I see they've succumbed to the ongoing chaos and confusion;  I'm not trying to get caught up in it! 

Carrying the sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods;  whose acting false in the hood?  please!!  I was brought up in it!

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