Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Random Thoughts are in the HOV or express lane;  its like I'm rolling in the hooptie! 

Rolling out!! reckless abandon down I-20 in Atlanta!! who will understand a bruh? some act like they know me...then they try to stress...because I'm usually where the truth will be! 

Acting brand new with them? rolling like Obama in Jerusalem? I don't abandoned me like Rose Royce; I didn't know the mothership would land me in a forsaken place! 

Stranding me on earth; coping strategies fail them...these earthlings; they'll play geopolitical games like Cyprus..whats it all worth?  fakes try to tell me when they get in my face! 

Not excited by this...they had a trace of alcohol or weed on their you know thoughts were cloudy! 

Part of the ongoing smoke and mirrors show...whatcha know? reckless with the conversation!! they might even get rowdy! 

Disrespecting this like Republicans do Obama!! really...who won the sequester showdown?  now it's going down...cloudy weather preceded the storm! 

The reign began with a drizzle;  whats the dizzle?  things are not the norm! 

Plans capers pulled by IMF chief Christine Lagarde; some will take it hard..the pain is universal / international / local; so let the healing process began! 

Whats the dizzle? just trying to maintain..but I can't call it!!  I was too reckless!! so now I'm letting the universe do it..that's whats up man!

Reckless when I'm rolling through the universe...some debate whether I left the solar system like the Voyager-1 spacecraft...

We're rolling!!  check the beat and the verse...Mystic Voyages are taken...soon landing back on earth..from outer space we bring more math!!  

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