Monday, March 11, 2013

I Wasn't Fooling With Them PT.3

I wasn't fooling with them!! like at the papal conclave..I let them go on about their business!

They're just drama royalty like Rand Paul!!   whats up y'all? whose ruling with them? they're going all out!!  but I can see what the deal is! 

It's gotta be good..but I checked the drama; was any loyalty shown?  the real is right there in front of us! 

Checked the drama; it appears  some of it was manufactured like Republicans vs Obama;  why did they try to front on us? 

No justice no peace was the catch phrase used by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton! 

Whats up with us? caught out there like Jesse Jackson Jr?  who acts brand new with ya? they're just trying to start another one!

All up in the spot!!...all up in the action;  part of another one? some get whats coming to them...players get traded like Anquan Bolden and Percy Harvin... the ongoing caper! 

All up in the spot...all up in the action;  but I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players play.... I'm on a spiritual caper! 

Hustles get knocked by a shape shifter while I was trying to uplift ya!! now class is in session... I'll school some!

 Enemy territories get rocked like asteroids or meteors  hitting Russia;  hitting up the wise and otherwise .....otherwise I wasn't fooling with them!

This entity uses breakbeat science to tell these these hostile territories I felt the pressure...

Whats the deally? I'm not fooling with the fake...and their capers set up to try to get the best of ya...

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