Friday, February 1, 2013

Whats The Word On The Curb? PT.3

The morale was low.....whatcha know?  its based on the word on the curb! 

The style or swagger was slow per the ATLien;  so dollars were chased ...but soon suckers were kicked to the curb! 

Bombs explode in Mexico City....and at the US Embassy in Turkey; ....who will work with me? plus  I see the foul had the dagger..prevailing by any means necessary! 

Showing no they had pistols like Price Middle School students in Atlanta; understand a bruh? jokers had missiles  like North Korea or yellow cake and uranium  like whatcha sayin?  the outlook is scary!

Freedom is arbitrary? do what? its  part of the collective bargaining agreement taxation without representation?

 I see them...but wouldn't want to be them!! they were disrespected!!  check out how achievements were downplayed during The Total Chaos, confusion, and frustration! 

In the lab? wires were connected.... loose leaf filled with blue ink;   now the funky sound played!!  plus the good word is dropped! 

Empires were disinfected...some get whats coming to them;  check the Sonic Assault..O-Dizzle cosmic slopped! 

Umpires and officials never quit and never stopped!! how will they do in Super Bowl 2013? or even the NBA playoffs? ...they called fouls that weren't even there! 

....then they missed fouls that were flagrant;  others front and fake it the ATL some stray off the path...please!!  life isn't fair! 

Glitches in the matrix?  we had our share..some blamed it on technical difficulties! 

As we put it down like this!! check this word on the curb...but fake ones still question our abilities!

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