Friday, February 15, 2013

Applying Pressure

Whats the deal with it? please!! you don't know? its just like the Russian meteor is hectic....chaotic!!  the apparatus will apply pressure! 

Whose real with it? down here in the ATL wannabe macks and divas flexed in the Mercedes Compressor! 

Who can feel it?  the pressure!! damn!!  I even felt it!

Gamblers are out for a fast buck; like Bernie Madoff...if its a bad hand?  they dealt it! 

Ramblers off at the mouth will run and tell the insider trading to take Heinz private.. somebody lied about it.. so they can stay paid! 

Whistle blowing aka snitching!! soon like Christopher Dorner..authorities are Incendiary Tear Gas pitching...meanwhile

Randy Johnson type jokers were fast ball and curve ball pitching;  but over the plate the pitch strayed!

....Knocked over the fence with the Louisville Slugger by a Louisville brother!

 O-Dizzle rocked out!!  swinging the Sonic Blackjack..its going to be rough on another! 

As we apply pressure to those that applied it to us; its called karma... some will get whats coming to them! 

As we apply pressure!!  O-Zone has the good word; O-Dizzle puts the funky drumming on them! 

Like foreign and domestic drones summing up the consequences  ...were reflecting while riding down Broadway up in Louisville! 

The old dude at White Castle on Broadway mentioned clones doing the Funky Broadway per Wilson Pickett ...also the funky four corners; said back in the day it was real! 

But now the arch nemesis is on the premises!!  attacking the palace or castle....the same jokers once chilled on corners talking smack!

Empty promises were revealed..authorities rolled up; some flip out like Christopher Dorner..slow learners will get hit with the blackjack! 

Applying pressure...crossing the boundary or border like deputies in San Bernardino mentioning burners.... some will earn these and those...the Sonic Blackjack is part of the rebuttal! 

Applying pressure then dipping;  staying elusive is conducive;  that's how a brotha will do!

Check out the Sonic Blackjack we apply pressure..



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