Monday, February 11, 2013

The Train Of Thought Derailed...But We Prevailed...

              they couldn't stop us from achieving...

Like Pope Benedict resigning ..this wasn't breaking news on CNN or Fox News;  but the train of thought derailed! 

Reality was breaking fools; the devil was co-signing..was NTSB notified? somebody lied!! now some are hoping that he failed! 

But he prevailed...riding the MARTA train in Atlanta listening to MFSB;  now there's  love...a message in the music! 

Per the Soul Train; how did some roll?  no pain no gain was the mantra..some will use it! 

Were rolling!! but the train ran off the tracks; though elusive was how O-Zone was!! just trying to maintain...crashing and burning but rising from the ashes like the Phoenix! 

Were rolling!!  but danger zone methods aren't conducive!! clashing with titans? lessons were learning..but like Christopher Dorner some crimes were heinous! 

Check the aggression; the car jackings in Atlanta.. crimies thought it was hilarious the way they gaffled fools! 

But check the sonic aggression as we teach some a lesson with the blackjack...but some still didn't understand...the Sonic Assault baffled fools! 

Whose caught up in the system / matrix that rules this earth?

The train of thought derails after finding out what its all worth!

Crashed and burned when the train of thought derailed...but the rebirth will amaze some...

Stashed beats and rhymes; CD's were burned..MP3's posted up..due to the Sonic Assault these brothas prevailed...the rebirth will amaz

Check out The Train Of Though Mix

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