Saturday, December 22, 2018

Breakbeat Scientific Manifesto PT. 10

Check us out on this Saturday Morning as we drop this breakbeat scientific manifesto..

This is the Winter Solstice edition, in conjunction with the Cancer Full Moon;  souls are in transition some will swoon, making a break for it /  looking for a breakthrough..

This Winter Soldier has work to do, not stepping off like James Mattis!! we're back with this, some say stepping into the abyss; blue collar with this rocking the lime green safety vest,  wearing the hard hat with the lantern on top.

Captain America / Winter Soldier? leaving Syria or Afghanistan is what Trump told ya!! meanwhile I'm going all out for mine,  the funk and good word is what I drop.

Who's fair with ya? check out the mass hysteria man!! beats will thump and this good word is dropped in response!! after doing the mathematics my numbers looked good; I couldn't quit / couldn't stop!! it didn't add up!!

The equation didn't equal, so check out this breakbeat scientific manifesto sequel;  time was relative as some continue to be negative, now the government is shut down plus the economy dried up.

We dropped this breakbeat scientific manifesto, while somebody else  lied "up in this peace" ;  they said its all gravy.

But we didn't fall for the okey-doke!! peeped plots and schemes some are trying to enslave me.

A cold grave will be the outcome, as we fight back  O-Dog pulled out the drum using it as a weapon.

O-Zone had the Good Word!! now we're running like the Lebron James / Lonzo Ball  LA Lakers in transition.

It's on once again!! you heard? per this breakbeat manifesto we kept on running!!! but it got lonely out there.

But this breakbeat manifesto we kept on running! we refuse to be casualties in spiritual warfare.

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