Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Breakbeat Scientific Manifesto PT. 9

Excuse a dude as I get breakbeat scientific dropping this manifesto; just letting some know what it do / what it does..

Who's rude with it? rolling like James Comey vs Trump and House Republicans? who's seeing what it do / what it does? 

What's corrected? it's all game homie!! I got up from / abandoned the table, no longer believed the fable; left Facebook / Instagram before the Russian / African American voting scam; I could see what's up with it!!

What's perfected? I brought the drum with me,  plus dropping these random thoughts!!  letting my people know things are unstable!! it's like that from here in Atlanta to  Saudi Arabia vs Yemen to Israeli vs Palestine; they even say I'm "offline with mine"; was this brotha corrupted?

Please!! O-Dizzle had to unleash these sonic assaults!! weapons utilized?  turntables, cassette and CD decks..plus MP3's!!  manipulated against those that hated on the family..

Wires and cables are hooked up to components by O-Dog aka O-Dizzle; the beat booms, we're on it!! meanwhile O-Zone will have a clearance rack epiphany..

Slick tires caused the vehicle to crash, some will ask was dude on those magic mushrooms? some said mushrooms were  supposedly a cure for cancer..

The shot clock expires!! coaches lash out at so called players that didn't take the shot!! check the feeling of doom;  who's spotted waiting for an answer?

Per this breakbeat scientific manifesto? O-Zone will hash out an answer while O-Dizzle is waiting on a dancer as the beat is dropped!!

Some might "cut a rug" like Michael Jordan, we're all up in the sport again as this breakbeat science is dropped!!

Others take a cut out of the drug profits while this street endorsed prophet continues to do what he does..

Per this breakbeat scientific manifesto? we'll drop this on the streets rebuking matrix architect "alt shift deletes"; this is what's up cuz!!

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