Friday, January 8, 2010

Letting Them Do What They Do...

Mentioned earlier..some are slick with it...or sick with I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Some fronting..couldn't work with them..been there!! grew up with the corrupt!! now up in the cut I lay.

Mentioned earlier..playing it like Nick coaching...others get fired...some are out of control...please..I could run a play or two up in this game.

But a brotha is not trying to hurt anyone!!! this brotha is not the one..didn't blast on the other team's bus when I come with this game.

Operating on a different timeframe..working on a different schedule.

Another tries to play mind games..but I'm a veteran..knowing how it go.

Another tries to find blame in this a veteran now who ignores them.

A brotha will maintain..who brings the pain? the Sonic Assault is unleashed to destroy them.

The system tries to make it rain!!! threw dollars at some of my kinfolk.

Wasn't with them!! knowing what it and my people have been broke.

Plus I've been in on the inside joke..but it was hard to see in the smoke and mirrors.

Wasn't fooled by Nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show!!! enhancing irrational fears.

O-Dog steers the mothership to a safe harbor...rolling like the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

A brotha gets funky..taking it back to the basics..but still on another level.

Dealing with another devil's advocate...trying to pull plugs out of the wall.

But chilling...letting hustlers hustle and players play...slipping on the ice down here in Atlanta...spotted wannabe divas macks and thugs trying to ball.

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