Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going All Out PT.2...Filling The Void...

Trying to fill the void; but not like the City of Atlanta fixes potholes.

Cheap asphalt!!! doesn't stay long!! the hole gets worse!! but worldwide..actually Intergalactic..the hooptie still rolls.

It's my fault if funk is dropped and beats are looped!! so souls will get seasoned.

Check the track; O-Dog has the heat; O-Zone has the fact sheet ...written in blue ink...Democrats infighting? with my folks I reasoned.

Points I rack up like D Wade for the Miami Heat; the Reasons like Earth Wind and Fire?

Underdogs like the New York Jets..going all out when the game is played; until the shot clock expires.

Going all out!! but in Babylon? hustles get knocked..worlds get rocked like Haiti..some act Shady Like stocks fall...who hires during these rough economic times that are experienced?

Going all out; dude in the A-Town had the purple haze, like Jimi Hendrix; are you experienced?

Going all out; but had to pump brakes like Bendix; gunfire erupts tires screeched.

Things were shady like grady; fakes were all up in this and that; some leached.

Some teached; some preached; Wall Street soon regulated? on the side they get their hustle on.

From Beecher Terrace in Louisville to MLK Blvd in the ATL; jackers regulated..they get their strong arm muscle on.

It's on!! in Somalia, Afghanistan, what it do man they ask? I tell them, questions answer themselves.

Told them we're Going All Out; trying to fill the void; old girl told us to go on with our bad selves!!

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