Saturday, January 23, 2010

Train Of Thought PT. 7 Kept Moving!!!

Train of thought is rolling!!...crossing over like Allen Iverson; might even go back to Philly where it started.

Bossing over here!!! running things!! that's the deally up in this conglomerate.

Random Thoughts expressed; mad at them like Obama!! ...campaigns becoming more corporate?...what's up with it?..seminars are conducted; we're even rolling up with Sonic Assaults.

Fighting the power like Isley Brothers and Public Enemy talked about; they tried to accent my imperfections and my faults.

Playing it like Dekalb County Georgia; roadblocks set up at intersections; caught us on the way back in.

Suspicion was aroused; indiscretions from previous episodes? were we Wang Chungin?

Disco inferno? having fun tonight!! when the freaks came out!! like Whodini?

Holes in the structure? look what the cat brought in!! what's up with them? some are excited...but should they show restraint? it's like....Damn,Damn, Damn!! like Florida from Good Times.

Reflecting on back in the day episodes; rolling in the hooptie, listening to Chic's Good Times.

Bad or good crimes? everybody has their opinion; will it stimulate the economy?

Time seems to be the ultimate medicine; realizing we have diplomatic immunity.

Intergalactic, out beyond Mars...but I dipped back to the community; might spot me down in Atlanta or up in Louisville.

Or back down in Jacksonville; on up to Charlotte; in the heart of it;like Cheryl Lynn said its got to be real.

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