Saturday, January 2, 2010

Public Service Announcement..RTFB Version.

testing the emergency broadcast system

This is a Public Service Announcement..check out the word from our sponsor.

God is in the blessing business..check how funky the sound gets..O-Dog is more than a conqueror.

Spiritual Significance in this operation!! the Sonic Assault is introduced.

Some are conquered by division..after the daughter of chaos was seduced.

Mathematical formulas were deduced..figured the cipher out...I started a star trek insurrection...others were in search of perfection..I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Came through with rare form..I was in the back court..a point guard running the play.

Mentioned back and forth like Cameo..others Running Away like Roy Ayers.

Making more than a cameo appearance...old dude at the Checker Cab stand in Louisville told us to play on players!!!

Meanwhile the old school baptist preacher told us to say prayers ..refrain from the deadly seven...God is in the blessing business.

Opening up a can of whup ass with the Sonic Assault!! hell is Kentucky over we take care of business.

As we come with this Public Service Announcement!! using the sound and good word to get scientific.

Force fields are up to protect the aura..haters will try to jack it.

Grew up with hustlers and the players..hip to the rackets going down..on so many levels.

It's Worldwide!! actually is put down by so many devils.

Were back with the sonic assault!! sonic first responders..blasting on enemy positions.

Public service announcements are given when seminars are conducted and random thoughts are expressed check this entity's transitions.

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