Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Playing Games With Them..

Didn't have time to play games with them ;no time for the hide and seek.

Shady like Grady is how the games are; for freedom? a brotha will ride and seek.

Naysayers say the outlook is bleak; that's their state of the union; sometimes I even wonder.

Dealing with a bunch of crooks; no love like family reunions...then theres a bus I'm thrown under.

Short school bus? Marta bus? Greyhound? it doesn't matter; they'll run over us.

Short dog from the old school will play the sound; retro futuristic mystic moving's not over for us.

At least not yet..haters want us to quit or forfiet...but the train of thought is rolling.

One step ahead of Suburbans with blacked out windows; authorities think they're soul controlling.

Whose working? companies are going under like Australia..employment rate is sky high.

Whose hurting? Michael Jackson gone!! back in the day he sang Never Can Say Goodbye!

All up in the action! politicians told a good lie!! some believed it.

All up in the action! some chase the American Dream: decieved by it.

Not trying to play games with them; they should be relieved by it ..because I play to win.

Not trying to accept the blame; we put it down, once again.

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