Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What It Is? What It Isn't...

What it is? what it isn't...Arenas and Crittenton bear witness.. they told me it was void where prohibited..

..By whose law? is there Martial Law coming to Yemen? .. in Dekalb County what was it that the Marshall saw? what was exhibited?

Who saw me on the way back in? became suspicious; what's up with this? firing artillery like North heightens.

GPS tracking; even said I'm in the A-Town macking!! now it's screws the mechanic tightens.

Shadetree mechanics thought they were titans! but we clash with them.

They're just Shady Like Grady fanatics; we drop this funk on them.

It's on them! especially since they said it's like this and like that.

This brotha was bearing witness; please! they'll have to come better than that!

Old girl said it get's better than that!! the status quo!! said trouble doesn't last always.

But the smoke and mirrors show is in full effect! every now and then we'll see the sunrays.

O-Zone will run plays like Peyton Manning..trials and errors were part of the process.

In this zone? failures and losses set the tone, but once again it's on! they can't stop this.

What it is? what it isn't...what's the status? seems cash is the determining factor.

Some lusted for it!!! get busted for it!! how were they working it? like an actress or actor.

In the A-Town macks and divas will do what they do.

What it is or isn't? can't front; need to act like you knew.

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