Sunday, January 10, 2010

Train Of Thought PT.6

..wasn't out of the loop..they could't stop me from achieving.....ow were they trying to play a brotha? like I was out of the loop?

Didn't know I was Transmitting Live!!! O-Dog will pull out a loop.Usually of the funky variety..all the way live like Lakeside.

O-Zone..rolling on the train of thought..what it do? what it does?...I can see what's up..from the Oak-Town to the A-Town..see how the fake ride.

In Northern California the earth quakes..Tony Toni Tone said it never rains in the Southern part..Arnold said they're trying to front on mine!!!

What's up with ya? some act fake with ya like Harry Reid.. ...they'll take you for a thing you know your on the frontlines.

Where good and evil collide; dodging bullets; I'm like Arnold, haters try to front on mine.

Intergalactic with it...stronghold is out in the universe...on a distant planet...sometimes hard to find mine..

Moving targets are hard to hit!!! didn't ride in a hybrid..the vehicle is a V-8.

Told to quit or forfeit..the world's resources are controlled by the G-8.

Hold up!!! wait a minute!! they'll stretch it out to G-20..stretching the money.

Lojack or GPS tracking on the stolen vehicle rolling down Old National Highway in College G-Money is acting funny.

O-Dog's tracks are funky...vehicles I use to ride into the next decade.

O-Zone is back in the game....rolling on the train of thought.. haters have to respect how it's played.

Up in the game!! you'll get played!!! even though big homie gave you dap.

Up in the game? how did McNabb play it?..or was it Andy Reid's offense..somebody deserves a slap..

Up in the game? how did Harry Reid say it? maybe he deserves a slap...

Up in the game? the Street Funk plays..but out in the streets, if it's about the funds? you'll hear the guns clap.

Up in the game? a brotha knows the haps..I wasn't out of the loop.

These brothas are Transmitting live..O-Dog will pull out a funky loop.

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