Sunday, January 24, 2010

Train Of Thought PT.8

What it do? Demon Deacons like Wake Forest were sitting up in the communion!!

Act like you knew!! people are fake up in the Babylon forest; for us or against us? Obama will give you the state of the union.

Why do I act like I do? any love like a family reunion? please!!those for us or against us are scrutinized.

What it is? or what it isn't? groovin!!! movin?? what it do? reality proving that some are hypnotized.

During the ungoing storm or blizzard? I sized some up like a tailor.

What's the biz some ask? this retro futuristic wizard told them!!! I float down the stream of consciousness like a sailor.

Mystic voyages taken; serious not faking..the train of thought rolling!!! derailing? might even spill some oil like in Texas... but on guard like I was off the coast of Somalia.

Reality encourages players from the Himalayas!!! for a dollar they'll foul ya.

Never thawed out? when will that hour be? scientists were playing the truth game.

I was even called out!!! they said I missed something!! how did my mind get? quarterbacking like Brett providing proof in the game.

Providing proof to the lame? I dont know!! some say I was Shady Like Grady!!

Compared to homie from Sanford and Son; I'm in Atlanta, they think I'm a Grady baby.

Listening to Whose That Lady by the Isley Bros.!! rolling up in the Toyota Camry.

Brothas gonna work it out like Willie Hutch; in the clutch; understand me?

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