Thursday, January 21, 2010

What It Do? Pt. 2...Acting Like We Knew..

Word from Miguel in the barrio!! to Jamal in the hood; and Abdul over in the sand.

The saga / struggle continues; feel me!!! whatcha know? some won't understand.

This chef provides menus; for the soul? food...but some wanted fast food.

No nutritional value!!! haters get foul with you; stations go off the Air America...others not fair with ya.. weapons some share with Pakistan they just blasted on a fool.

Whatcha know? what did the style do? the economy flopped..who lasted in school, old or new?

....Or maybe the next one; simple problem made complex; I act like I knew.

Had to text one; e-mail, tweeted, or face booked; podcasted..Random Thoughts dropped..knew things weren't right.

Spotted shadetree mechanics with wrenchs; but not Mr. Goodwrench; now Toyota has another recall.. I knew things weren't tight!!

Spotted Shady Like Grady fanatics;they hope Obama fails; the light shines on them in the darkness.

Dropped funk and mathematics on them; straight from the Mothership; on earth we park this.

Back in the day? Shawnee Park was the spot in Louisville ;it was real; but things have changed.

Whose back in the way? part of the ongoing conspiracy? knowing the crooked deal was arranged.

Species are endangered; please; O-Dog worked on a banger; to repel the attack.

O-Zone is quarterbacking; ghetto passes are thrown!! touchdown!! guess whose back?

Whose slacking? ghetto passes revoked from some; they're forged documents.

Whose tracking with GPS? some spotted; said they were all that and this; A-Town macks and divas said they're rocking this.

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