Friday, January 15, 2010

Going In...Taking It To The Hoop!!

Going in!! taking it to the hole!! it's like Lebron or Kobe.

Others were going in another direction..wrong turn made at the intersection..but we're all up in your section...whose gonna block the dunk? O-Dog will drop the funk!! act like you know me.

Others were in search of perfection..weapons packed in your section...already told you it gets is like that.

Acting like we knew!!! doing what we can to fight that.

Brought the light back!! the natural one!! hardhat with the lantern on top.

Studied the dark mystery of time and space!! even with India checking out the solar eclipse..out beyond Mars and Saturn!! we didn't stop.

Somebody said we dropped off the face of the earth!! we were gone so long!!

Now were back!! found out what it's all worth...they didnt know we were so strong.

So they brought King Kong with them!! and other assorted monsters.

Others were without a job for so long!!! none found on ...debt is high...of course they owe the mobsters.

New type gangsters!! corporate ceos, and government officials, you don't want to get mixed up.

The saga / struggle continues!! to another level it's kicked up.

The vehicle was scratched and nicked up..but the Mothership gets good mileage..

Something fresh was we rebuke plots and schemes that were hatched...conspiracy theories were confirmed...haters will have to acknowledge...

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