Thursday, January 28, 2010

What It Is? What It Isn't PT.2

What it is? what it isn't...what's the state of the union? how are we trying to call it?

Misery loves company! some are even looking for somebody to fall with.

Others look for somebody to ball with; wannabe macks and divas swerving through the streets of Atlanta!!

Brothas like me know what it is or isn't; but they told me "we don't understand ya"

Others told me we can't stand ya!! they said I was acting either random, extra or even nonchalant like I didn't care.

Random Thoughts are expressed..Sonic Assaults unleashed..told them I knew what it is and isn't; in love or war? nothing was fair.

....Especially with the frontline spiritual warfare business that's going down.

Me and O-Dog lay low in the bunker; Transmitting Live! throwing down.

Processes were slowing down; Toyotas recalled...what it is? Ford is trying to play games...who has their hand on the dial, switch, or button?

Processes are contaminated; some get foul; they hated; some snitch; another was a punishment glutton.

Some were late with it! then fools rushed in! but it was poison like Bell Biv and Devoe.

Poisons introduced by a slick Russian from the FSB; even poison holy water drunk in whatcha know?

Whatcha trying to grow in secret gardens they asked this bro?

Said I was acting like a secret squirrel; because I went for what I know.

Already knew what it is and what it isn't; recognized the pattern.

These days I keep moving; Intergalactic out beyond Mars and Saturn.

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