Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Up In The Spot...PT.8

All up in the spot; what it do? mentioned matrix glitches.

Haves or have nots victimized by a fake one who sold counterfeit tickets.

Drama unravels in these spots; chaos and mayhem; gunfire erupts; breakbeat science is kicked in response.

One travels the galaxy; plots and schemes go down like ponzi; nothing but a bunch a cons.

This mysterious traveler operates like Weather Report; up in the sport!! who else is out here?

Dark Mystery of Time and Space is studied; that's what's up with me; studied the dark matter; reporting as we go there.

Dark history? crimes took place against humanity; some say it didn't matter..actually the crimes haven't stopped.

In the dark some missed me; until I put on the hardhat with the lantern on top.

Like I was in a mine in Kentucky; Going in....I dropped down into the abyss.

Diplomatic immunity exercised; going for what were knowing; guerillas are in the mist.

Feeling us on this? in the midst of the smoke and mirrors show.

Dealing with the madness!! all up in the spot where the Mass Konfusion seems to grow.

Down streams of consciousness we flow; like were on a cruise ship in the Carribean..but didn't stop in Haiti..

Forensic teams gather information; spiritual significance in this operation..society will still hate me..

Rocking the nation!! actually the universe....were all up in the spot.

Overcoming glitches like that civil rights movement theme song making it hot.

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