Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not Playing Games With Them PT.2

Didn't have time to play games with them; this is not Toys R Us.

I was trying to chill; but for brothas? no peace and justice.

Where's the bus? thrown "down under" like Australia..what else can I tell ya?

What's up cuz is what they asked me? vehicles will get jacked like pirates do ships over in Somalia.

Usually laying in the cut; questions answer themselves..for those looking for the answer.

Usually praying for the corrupt; even though they try to defame my character.

But told them..I'm not playing games with ya!!! but I see them racking up points..all I can do is salute.

Told you...I'm keeping a low profile..not up in the middle of the dispute.

Getting funky fresh in the flesh..cute with it...but street coded.

Old school...coming out fresh with a brand new batch..funk moded.

Old school like at the Club Excelsior up in Charlotte on Beatties Ford Road.

Old fool spotted..drunk up in the spot! left in the deuce and a quarter..a player from the Himalayas...not melting? global warning? even Bin Laden's mad about it..but it's still so cold.

Old rule followed by O-Dog; basic street funk used by a's like that.

In spiritual warfare the Sonic Assault is used as a weapon; that's how we fight that.

Left..but came right back..said I was acting random..with a little extra.

Please! not playing games! random thoughts are we get with ya.

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