Monday, January 18, 2010

Play On Players...Once Again It's On..

train of thought is rolling!!!

Everybody's trying to get their hustle on; what it do? once again it's on!! even the ill train of thought on player!!!

Worldwide? even in Kabul.. even in the A-Town they roll 30 Deep..jackers get their strong arm muscle on!! better say a prayer.

Doesn't matter if it's MLK Day!!! even slackers feel the pain..another layer of stress was added.

Hackers continue their reign of terror; even if a firewall is added.

Tractor trailers slide on the ice covered I-65; just north of Nashville; made me crash out in the Buick Regal.

But were back with this!! coping strategies didn't fail us;covered by the blood of the lamb; in Haiti? God is looking after my people.

What can haters tell us? shake hands!!! then try to lash out at my people.

Stabbing us in the back!! then try to hash out a peace deal with my people.

Out of the lab we bring this product; it's like Park Hill Projects in weed or hash on the street sold by somebody named Tony.

Or like suburbanites driving down Northside Drive in the A-Town..dope boys grabbing their cash after they pulled it are made by people!! but it's shady.

Part of MLK's legacy? ..not much has changed...the game is still Shady Like Grady ...victims soon lash out at their tormentors.

Somali pirates make some cash out..meanwhile we're up in this game..played it like veterans maybe like Brett Favre...but now coaching..just call us mentors.

The blame not accepted by this hot messenger!!! ...even though they said I was a hot I approach the entrance.

The shame not shown by this brotha!! this operation has spiritual significance.

The shame? not shown by those spitting belligerence in the atmosphere.

The Ill Train Of Thought was rolling!!!! what's next?? the name? O-Zone..putting it down up in spiritual warfare.

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