Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peeped Game...What's Up Wth My Folk?

Peeped game...I could see my folk were jacked up by the apparatus.

Sleep in the game...who can you blame? they said you had baller status.!!

I creeped back in the game...back to basics...back with this...some are mad at us..I even had to fall back for a minute.

Now a brotha is Jay Leno? collar style!! hard work is put in!! not slack with this!! a brotha is in it to win it.

Everything wasn't working...a dimwit caused glitches in the matrix ...but the knack for this? should be apparent it's about survival.

Everybody's not hurting!! please, somebody lied!!! they're delaying our arrival.

Snitches were blurting out they were smarter than a fifth grader...somebody cried !!!affected by false prophecies.

Gamblers are out for a fast buck!! they played you!! politicians were false with those policies.

Hip to a false prophets steez!! pitching fastballs, curves and sliders..needing to retire like Randy Johnson.

Spotted the steez of little homies!! in the Gaza Strip pitching rocks!! but some have surface to air missiles..DID THEY MISS YOU? ...Israel fires back at Hamas..they said it's all on them!!!

Blackwater puts in down...not on back order..No peace in the Middle East!! please, that's the catch phrase.

But it's like that worldwide...Augustus Caesar is who one pays.

No Justice No Peace? another catch phrase...meanwhile O-Dog plays the breakbeats..

Security heightens...O-Zone stays on point..didn't leave my post..a brotha wll be made a scapegoat made to take the heat..

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