Saturday, January 16, 2010

What It Do?

What it do homie asked? gave a brotha some dap....but they deserve a slap..they're one who usually talks the other way.

Previous episodes? my folk needed in Haiti..but I saw homie look the other way.

Other episodes? the street code was violated..whose running another play? ghetto passes are intercepted.

The funk played? street discrete modes are used by this brotha that's hated by society ..those folks were mad deceptive.

O-Dog showed and proved; my priority? the Sonic Assault; those that disrespected get blasted on.

God moved in mysterious ways; all issues were prayed and fasted on.

Plus it's mysterious the way we run plays;like Dooley to Tennessee; check this veteran whose now coaching.

The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space is studied; Armageddon is approaching.

No penalties were called!! the defense was encroaching when Sonic Assaults were made.

They said it's all love!! in the background I hear George Benson's Masquerade.

Background music for the charade; smoke and mirrors show in full effect.

Ecological ignorance will alter the fate; a fool gets no respect.

Another fool tries to connect the USB cable or flash drive but it shorted out the circuits.

Next school brothas are Transmitting Live word to those who ask what it do this is how we work this.

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