Saturday, January 9, 2010

Train Of Thought PT.5

............running off the rails..........

Motions are perpetual..going with the flow? I dont know..I just keep moving.

Notions told me to let go of some things..move on to new things..playing it like Pete Carroll...questions are asked can we keep grooving?

Emotions were almost shown...almost flipping..why do I have to keep proving myself to some?

Almost gone!! dipping!! but train of thought derailed!! so I had to pull out the drum.

Out in the mainstream of equation? sum, product, or answer? after I faIled, I found the formula.

Trial and error, while floating down the stream of consciousness, but not a dancer with wolves or the devil, that's another storm for ya.

Admitting, my train of thought derailed, not the norm, a lot of times losing like Minnesota Timberwolves, or maybe running off the tracks like Amtrak.

Wolves didnt run me off!!! but I fell back for a I'm back.

Admitted, they had me scrambling for a minute like the usual black quarterback...Mike Vick, Randall Cunningham, Vince Young or Donovan McNabb.

Not rambling off at the mouth like Mariah Carey...but disrespected ...but they didn't know mechanical engineering was going down in the lab.

Sonic rehab takes place..on the case..some say circumstances are debatable..being built or torn down?

Sonic right hooks and left jabs thrown at those who didn't turn the level of scorn down.


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